Gemstone Treatments for the Face & Body

demonstrates how to select gemstones to heal and balance the Chakras and subtle energy body.

  • Safe & Effective Gemstones

    Learn which gemstones are the safest and most effective to you in treatments and gemstone beverages.

  • Selecting Gemstones

    How to select your gemstone helpers for healing.

  • Practice using a pendulum

    Read the energy of the Chakras and complete the Chakra intake form to show the before and after results.

There is more to placing gemstones on a client than just matching the colors of the Chakras. In this course, you will learn how to select stones that will balance and restore, rather than disrupt the energy of your client.

  • Impactful Healing Experience

    Learn a system to select and place gemstones on the body for the most impactful healing experience.

  • Recipe Book

    Receive a recipe book to make gemstone beverages to enhance your energy and create a natural gemstone high.

Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1

Designed to help you remove the fears, blockages and negative beliefs that are stopping you from being able to move forward into your purpose.

  • Healing Tools

    Learn healing tools to rebalance and restore your own energy through Self-Reiki treatments.

  • Hands-On Healing

    Learn the fundamentals of energy, the Chakra system, and Reiki hands-on healing techniques.

  • Inner Peace

    Experience more inner peace and happiness.

Learning to heal yourself is just the beginning. You know that you were put on this earth to bring healing to others. Working through the lessons in Intro to Energy Healing and practicing Reiki Level 1 on yourself will teach you to protect yourself and help you confidently step into your role as a healer…for yourself and others.

  • Protect Yourself

    Learn how to protect yourself against negativity and other energy zappers.

  • Inner Peace

    Experience more inner peace and happiness.

  • Resourceschedk You Need

    Gain the resources you need to share your healing energy with others.

Meet Your Trainer

Linda Bertaut

Chakralicious founder, Linda Bertaut is an author, national speaker, award-winning Esthetician, Reiki master teacher, and beauty expert who specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface through her healing makeovers. Linda’s lifetime passion for performing make-up and image makeovers began over 30 years ago, but as she worked with her clients on their outer beauty, she recognized that many had a profound need for a makeover that was more than skin deep. Linda gives people the tools to heal and unlock their own healing potential. As her clients experience their own inner and outer healing, they move into a place of empowerment and many become inspired to help others to learn to heal themselves.
Linda Bertaut